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Grashka plant-based Deli

Grashka plant-based Deli

Our whole world revolves around food. We have long thought about a place where we can come together with a wider community of supporters and share our eating habits. For this reason, we have developed the concept of a deli and bistro, where we will offer a wide range of 100% plant-based delicatessen, affordable and quickly prepared meals. You won't find coconut or other exotic ingredients here, we source our ingredients exclusively from local and regional producers.

With Grashka we want to discover regions of the world and connect plant potentials. We are discovering new ways to transform food through ancient techniques such as fermentation, mycelial treatments, dehydration, ageing, smoking. We believe in clean food, food that has a positive impact on our health and an invigorating effect on our body and well-being.

Key roles of the Grashka Deli concept:

1. A hub of quality plant nutrients

2. Connecting regional and local producers in one place

3. A wide range of well-known and lesser-known delicacies

4. Offering hot and cold prepared meals

5. Enjoying plant-based flavours in our dining room or by home delivery

6. Developing a responsible food system based on a network of short supply chains, clean plant nutrients and resilient agro-ecological systems

We invite all growers and producers to join us in building food self-sufficiency in quality plant nutrients. Send us your suggestions to

We invite supporters and culinary adventurers to visit us to get to know each other and maybe find a solution for your microbiota. With every purchase you make, you are supporting the development of our story, so thank you in advance.

We are open:

Monday to Thursday 10:00 - 18:00

Friday 10:00 - 20:00

Saturday 10:00 - 16:00

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