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Rebuilding the planet by rebuilding
the fstarstard system.

We believe a responsible food system can save our future. That's why we're making a model to prove it.

 But, is food broken?   But, is food broken? 

As veterans of the food industry and descendants of farmers, we've come face-to-face with a difficult reality: food is wrecking our planet.

Every year, poor farming methods erode 3.4 tons of fertile soil every year - for each human being on Earth. Pesticides and fertilizers degrade habitats and heavily impact biodiversity.

Add to this the fact that huge supply chains are vulnerable to climate change—and we have a broken system...

But, it doesn't have to be this way. We can have a food system that treats resources responsibly. That preserves healthy soil. And traps more carbon. One that protects biodiversity. And makes us climate-resilient.

The problem is, we can't wait for the current model to catch up. Which is why we made our own.

climate change

The Grashka Model 

We're creating a new kind of food economy for our region. One that brings you the most responsibly-made, wholesome plant foods available. And is built with the future in mind.


A culture worth cultivating.

Going beyond sustainable toward 100% regenerative.

We're partnering with farmers who prioritize soil health and climate resilience. Through regenerative techniques, they rebuild the land they harvest from, leaving it better then they found it.

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Short supply chains = resilient communities.

By supporting regional farms, we're building local food systems that can withstand climate change and thrive long-term. We're also creating our own regenerative projects to guarantee sustainable sourcing for the future.

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Intentional ingredients.

We use crops like hemp, buckwheat, chickpeas, and mushrooms because they grow exceptionally well in continental Europe. They're also great for your health, containing large amounts of fibre, protein, and essential micronutrients.

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Humane for humans, too.

Our direct-trade model lets us carefully vet our partners. This way we're sure they treat the land and their employees with respect. Also, we sometimes make new friends.

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Natural processing. No artificial additives.

Our ingredients speak for themselves. That’s why we don’t heavily process or flavor our products with artificial additives.Through ancient arts such as fermentation and dehydration, we enhance the taste and health benefits only found in quality produce.

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Respecting the plant-kingdom

We take the term ""plant-based"" to heart. That's why we don't try to mimic animal products. Instead, we elevate high-quality plant-based flavors to even greater heights.

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Gourmet fLavour. Made simple.

Moving toward a plant-healthy diet should be fun, not work. That's why you can enjoy our nutritious plant-based foods with little to no preparation.

Making it easy to make a difference.

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Martin grew up on the mountain farm on Graska Gora, now HQ for Grashka d.o.o. After training as a chef, he found his way into Michelin-starred establishments in both Germany and Slovenia, going on to co-found the S.U.R.F Institute and later Kucha, which was ranked 25th among the top 50 vegan restaurants in Europe its frst year.

Rewards /

“The most sustainable products according to the Institute of Nutrition”


“European Union organic agriculture“


“The best entrepreneur in agriculture“

Want to bring our model to your community?

Our mission is to create parallel communities based on responsible farming and short supply chains. If you want to replicate our business model, become a partner farm, or even learn our (secret) recipes, we'd love to talk.

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