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Soy block

Tofu classic

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100% plant-based product


Source of protein and fibre


No exotic oils or synthetic additives


Today, tofu is no longer considered an exotic food, as it has already been well integrated into the omnivorous population of our beloved country. 

It has a beneficial effect on humans. The soy in our tofu is organic, regionally grown and not genetically modified, which further dispels the myth about the negative effects of soy on the body. Indeed, larger population studies confirm that the consumption of soy products has a positive effect on human health, so the fear of phytoestrogens is unjustified.

 It is a particularly interesting food because it is one of the few plant sources of protein that contains all the essential amino acids that the body absolutely needs to function, but which it cannot produce on its own.

Based on the experience of our customers, we dare to say that our tofu belongs to the category of the best in terms of taste and texture.


Soy*, water, thickener: calcium chloride (*from organic production)

Allergens: Soya beans, possible traces of gluten, lupine, sesame, mustard and celery.


Suitable for Asian dishes, cold cuts, sandwiches, salad bowls, risottos or stews.

Best before

The expiration date is indicated on the product. This product is pasteurized. Store in a refrigerator at a temperature of up to +7°C. After opening, use within one week.

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