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Smoky oyster mushroom jerky

Oyster Jerky

4.99€ Out of stock

100% plant-based product


Source of protein and fibre


No exotic oils or synthetic additives


The oyster mushroom belongs to the genus of Pleurotaceae. Just like mussels, our dehydrated smoked oyster mushrooms belong to a series of special delicacies, perfect for people with a big gourmet heart and the desire and need to consume healthy, delicious, and diverse mushroom products. 

Since this product is light and hardly perishable, it is a very suitable companion for wandering into the unknown, as it goes perfectly in various pasta sauces, risottos, on pizzas and delicious sandwiches, and as a snack.

Our kitchen exploded with joy, when we prepared pasta Alfredo and carbonara, pizzas with sourdough or risotto with oyster jerky.


Oyster mushroom 61%*, apple juice*, apple cider vinegar*, chili*, natural smoke, coriander*, black pepper*, brown sugar*, garlic*, salt, sunflower oil*, tamari sauce (water, soy*, salt) * (*from organic production)

Allergens: Possible traces of gluten, lupine, sesame and celery.

Average nutritional value per 100g: Energy value 1249kJ/298 kcal, fat 14.2g, of which saturated fat 1.5g, carbohydrates 27.2g, of which sugars 6.7g, dietary fiber 8.2g, protein 11.9g, salt 4.1g


For consumers of dried meat products, smoked oyster mushrooms stand alongside the best. You can treat it as a fine salty and spicy snack, and the culinary enthusiasts can test it in the classic pasta, "Carbonara". You can add it to all salty dishes, where you lack additional taste.

Best before

The expiration date is indicated on the product. This product is pasteurized. Store in a refrigerator at a temperature of up to +7°C. After opening, use within one week.

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