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Fermented chickpea block

Chiko classic

Includes TAX (9.50 %), TAX 22 (22.00 %)
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100% plant-based product


Fermented food product


Source of protein and fibre


No exotic oils or synthetic additives


Our most unique product is made from organic chickpeas, which comes from the vastness of Umbria in central Italy and is fermented with lactic acid bacteria.

 These make the legume easier to digest, slightly sour in taste and more nutritious. Chickpeas are ground with millstones at lower temperatures, which preserves all the nutritional value of the raw material. By adding cold-hulled hemp seeds, we have increased the level of essential fat content to make the product even more mouth-watering for you. 

Sliced and toasted, Chiko goes really well with just about any dish - in sandwiches, salad bowls and stews.


Water, chickpeas 34%*, sunflower oil*, hulled hemp seeds*, salt, apple cider vinegar*, lactic acid bacteria. (*from organic production)

Allergens: Possible traces of gluten, lupine, sesame and celery.

Average nutritional value per 100g: Energy value 916kJ/219 kcal, fat 13g, of which saturated fat 2g, carbohydrates 17g, of which sugars 3g, dietary fiber 3g, protein 8g, salt 2g


Cut and toast it. Best served as a cold cut, it is excellent in salads and sandwiches.

Best before

The expiration date is indicated on the product. This product is pasteurized. Shelf life 3 months. Store in the refrigerator. After opening, use within one week.

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