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Smoky buckwheat roller

Buck classic

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100% plant-based product


No exotic oils or synthetic additives


Buckwheat is a climate resistant crop


Buckwheat is our queen of grains and pseudo-grains, as it once graced the majority of our ancestor’s fields. 

It is a healthy, highly nutritious new-age crop, with a gluten-free twist.

Buckwheat was replaced by wheat in the second half of the twentieth century, and we are giving it back its royal place of honor in our production precisely because of its properties as a climate-resistant crop. 

Our smoked buckwheat roll – Buck is made from cold-hulled organic Slovenian buckwheat.


Water, buckwheat 29%*, sunflower oil*, onion*, salt, smoked red pepper*, garlic*, natural smoke flavoring, pepper*, marjoram*. (*from organic production)

Allergens: Possible traces of gluten, lupine, sesame and celery.

Average nutritional value per 100g: Energy value 1021kJ/244 kcal, fat 13g, of which saturated fat 1g, carbohydrates 25g, of which sugars 2g, dietary fiber 1g, protein 4g, salt 2g


Slice Buck and fry it in a pan. It can be enjoyed as a cold cut, in sandwiches or as a side dish to warm dishes and salads.

Best before

The expiration date is indicated on the product. This product is pasteurized. Store in a refrigerator at a temperature of up to +7°C. After opening, use within one week.

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