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Grashka enters the Austrian market

Grashka enters the Austrian market
Sales are expanding through cooperation with the Slovenian Economic Association in Klagenfurt and the trade chain ZADRUGA Bleiburg/Pliberk in Carinthia, Austria.

"Naturally fermented food from regional production corresponds to the zeitgeist and fits perfectly with the cooperative's strategic directions. We are happy that we managed to acquire the GRASHKA brand as a supplier", emphasized Bernhard Reiter, Mag.Bernhard Reiter, Mag., ZMP - Zadruga Market, Avstrija

GRASHKA is already successful with its products at major Slovenian retailers and has decided to expand its operations to the Austrian market. Cooperation with the Slovenian Economic Association effectively opened the door to the market, and the first step was taken with the inclusion of products in the offer of the Bleiburg/Pliberk Cooperative.

The GRASHKA brand represents the regional production of natural plant foods through fermentation and other natural processes with the high goal of contributing to the improvement of human health. All foods are produced from regional ingredients without added artificial substances and in accordance with the objectives of the common European agricultural policy.

After a thorough examination of the business plan, the Slovenian Confederation of Trade Unions (SGZ) decided to support the entry of the GRASHKA brand into the Austrian market and established the first contact with Zadruga Bleiburg/Pliberk.

The Market Bleiburg/Pliberk cooperative is a leading local supplier in southern Carinthia and operates a grocery store as well as building materials at five locations. A key and unique selling point is the strong focus on suppliers from the Alpe-Adria region.

Thus, consumers in the Austrian Carinthia will be able to try innovative regionally grown plant products from mid-March onwards. All their products will be available there: the most famous BUCK buckwheat, the chickpea fermented block Chico, as well as the vegetable classic, tofu. All the participants are convinced that this is only the beginning of a long-term and successful cooperation between SGZ and the company Graska d.o.o., as already in September 2022 they are preparing a new gourmet event as part of the Days of Alpine-Adriatic Cuisine in Klagenfurt.

"Regional and natural plant-based foods currently have great potential for growth in retail. Graska d.o.o. is an ambitious Slovenian company that, with its strategic orientation, fits perfectly into this market growth scenario. The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce is happy to support Slovenian companies with great potential in entering the Austrian market", emphasized Vesna Hodnik Nikolic, MBA - Head of SGZ -  Slovenian Economic Association in Klagenfurt.

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