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Grashka enters Spar

Grashka enters Spar

Interview for PLUS magazine.

Our story began on a lonely farm on Graška Gora, where we took over the care of the land from our parents and continue to responsibly nurture this mission. In early spring, we presented a full plant-based product line under the name Graška. Organic stores across Slovenia supported us and placed the products on their shelves. We are immensely grateful to them for their trust, small fighters for the support and promotion of quality, local nutrients. What an important mission they perform. We once again felt that good feeling that we can share our nutrients with people, that complete strangers, random passers-by, friends support us with every purchase. Fuck it, making food for people is a responsibility, it's an absolute challenge. How to approach a person, his memory from childhood, when we have set so many limitations. It has to be full plant-based, it has to be regional, it has to be organic, don't forget to give of yourself, inform the food with the love you have, even if my colleagues and I work day and night. We haven't mentioned people's health yet. Why do we eat food? If we ignore the taste sensations, we get to the basics. We eat to survive, to feed our bodily functions of the brain, organs, muscles, so that we can brag to a friend about how fine, long, shiny hair I have. Food is our main source of energy, unless we feed on the sun at dawn.

We felt dizzy when we realized that food production on the farm would be impossible because the current electricity network does not provide enough energy and because we would not want to deprive our beloved Graška Gora of the opportunity to enjoy electricity. We had countless complications with logistics, when a strange kaminoar with a 4 ton animal found out that our production was located somewhere far from sight. We wanted to develop the activity in the countryside, but it will be necessary to wait a little longer for such a vision. Maybe we will solve the problem with the solar plant and the new highway below us. :)

The path led us to the valley, where the municipality of Velenje welcomed us with open arms, so with the help of the SAŠA Incubator, we acquired new production premises in the former Klasje bakery. We have settled in comfortably, production is in full swing, we are gathering individuals from all over Slovenia, and soon we hope to connect with international members of the community, working for a responsible food culture. transformed it into GRASHKA, and all our colleagues also have new white slippers in production. At least a little red thread.

Spar Slovenia invited us to participate and our wish was to be able to offer a range of products to all Slovenians and thereby directly support local and regional producers. This collaboration will help us live out all our craziness, because we cannot stop this creative rose, this endless creation in which we find ourselves. Food is our meaning and we hope that you will be with us on this journey.

Martin Rojnik

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