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Center Rog x Grashka Deli Ljubljana

Center Rog x Grashka Deli Ljubljana

This year, the Grashka team, which was selected and confirmed in a public tender, descends from the mountain breeze on the Ljubljana culinary scene. 

This year, the deli will open its doors in Center Rog and offer 100% natural, plant-based food based on local and regional ingredients. The large house at Trubarjeva 72 (there will be a creative center, which the people of Ljubljana can hardly wait for), will have a bistro offer in addition to the basic delikatessen offer.

On the ground floor of Center Rog, the culinary space Grashka Deli Ljubljana will be opened and a delicatessen concept will be established there for the first time, with a wide range of fermented products from legumes, recognizable street formats based on mycelium, smoke-enriched rolls and other super nutrients. The delicatessen shelves will be richly stocked every day and also offer the option of pickup with returnable packaging. On a weekly basis, they will offer street dishes, discover new varieties of edible mushrooms and always test some new wild fermentation.

In the Center Rog, in the space where the new delicatessen will find its place, an unofficial opening took place in the raw and damp atmosphere of the construction site, where the team treated the most hard-working "Rog people". 🎉 The team is announcing an opening event and a real culinary adventure in the year 2023.

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